Swimming Pool

Covid 19 Update

UPDATE: 2021 Swimming Pool Season.

 With much frustration and regret Spring Hill Management must announce the Swimming Pool will not be able to open for the 2021 season.

 The Swimming Pool Closure is due to a lack of staffing. It is not about COVID-19 restrictions, as most restrictions have been lifted and pools are now allowed to operate with minimal changes similar to pre-Covid-19. If we had been able to find the minimum number of qualified staff to operate the pool this summer it would be open. There is a shortage of qualified, experienced & certified guards needed.

 Our staff has spent months, just like every other year, cleaning and preparing the pool facility in anticipation of reopening as restrictions were lifted. This spring the club invested in the pool and made numerous upgrades and improvements in preparation for the 2021 swim season. The pool has been maintained and ready for months.

 Part of the pool experience is the Players Grille Snack Bar. Generating revenue needed to staff & operate the pool.  Providing excellent poolside food & beverages service sets our facility apart from others. Presently we have two food service employees. Typically, by Memorial Day we have 15 or more staff to meet the needs of the Players Grille & the pool snack bar/ poolside service.

 Our needs for qualified lifeguards are similar, 12-15 guards & a head guard with CPO certification gives us the coverage needed to guard the pool 7 days a week. Safety of our members, especially young and inexperienced swimmers, has always been our #1 priority and why we have always had lifeguards and will not operate without them. In the last 5 months less than 10 applications were presented, and only a few had the proper certification and experience to meet the criteria for our facility.

 The bottom line is we do not have enough staff to operate the swimming pool safely. We do not have enough food service staff to open the snack bar and meet the expectations of the membership.

 The pool has been part of summer at the club in the past and hopefully will be again in the future. Our goal is to build our team back with great people and an even better poolside experience in the future.

 The Morse & Peltier Families

Pool Hours

7:00 -10:00am, M-F: Adult Lap / Water Aerobics (unsupervised)

Lessons: 10-12 noon (except Wed., no lessons, Jr. Golf / pool maintenance)

Recreational Swimming: 12 noon – 8:00 pm (both pools open, guard on duty until 6pm)

Weekends: 12 noon – 8:00pm: Recreational Swimming, both pools open (guards until 6pm)


Childrens Wading Pool –
Just for families with “little ones”
Pool Rules & Information

The pool will remain private for the exclusive use of our members and their invited guests. There will be a guest fee for EACH guest even if they’re not swimming. Guests will not be allowed to come to the pool without the member.  There must be a member of at least 21 years and older in attendance to accompany a guest.  The pool staff will check pool members and their guests in as they enter the pool area. The member will be asked to present pool membership cards when signing in. All guest fees will be billed to the members’ accounts.

General Pool Rules

•All members and their guests must sign in at the pool window.
•Children under age 8 and who have not passed the swim test, must be fully supervised at all times by a parent or a responsible adult.
 THE LIFEGUARD IS NOT A BABYSITTER!  Non- swimmers must stay in the shallow end of the pool with an adult. 
The ratio of adult to non-swimming children is one to two.         
•No bathing suits or bare feet allowed in the clubhouse.
•Collared shirts must be worn in the clubhouse.
•Spring Hill is not responsible for lost, misplaced, or stolen items.
•All food consumed on the premises must be purchased at Spring Hill.  All food must be eaten in the table area only and at least 4 feet from the pool edge. 
Glass containers, plates, etc. will not be allowed in the pool area. 
No popcorn in the pool area, please.
•Cutoffs may not be worn in the swimming pool or clubhouse.
•Persons with skin lesions, sores, nose or ear discharges, communicable diseases, or bandages will not be permitted to swim.
•Use of all inflatable pool toys is subject to the discretion of the pool staff due to the number of swimmers in the pool and other safety factors.
•All swimmers under the age of 18 must get out of the pool during break time.  This is a 15-minute period used by the pool staff to do various pool duties and for their own breaks.
•No diapers allowed in the pool.  All infants and toddlers who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper.

All minors left alone at the club are required to sign in at the snack bar window and provide an emergency contact telephone number.

Inclement Weather Policy

Poor weather conditions will affect the opening and closing of the pool.  If there is steady rain at noon, there will be a delayed opening.  The weather situation will be reassessed at 2 pm.  If there is still significant rain, the pool will remain closed until such time as there is a clearing in weather conditions.  An open/closed sign is on the pool fence facing the parking lot to advise pool visitors of the status of pool operation.  At no time will swimmers be allowed in the pool if we have received a weather alert due to thunder and lightning in the area.  When in doubt,
please call the office (541-926-6059 x 301).

The owners and managers of Spring Hill Country Club fully support the lifeguard staff in their efforts to maintain a safe, orderly swimming pool for the enjoyment of Spring Hill members.  Any person whose conduct is obnoxious, rude to the staff or other members, and their guests or who indulges in unsafe horseplay may at the discretion of the Pool Manager be barred from the swimming pool.  If this person is a minor, the minor’s parents will be so informed by phone or letter of the circumstances of the suspension and when the minor may return to the pool.

Springhill Golf Club

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